How AI Product Advisor Works

Online shopping can be overwhelming. With so many products and opinions out there, our mission is to simplify the buying process and bring you only the best.

One of the few experiences that AI will never be able to replace is the product review.

Only a human can inform others as to how a product feels, looks and performs.

The problem in today’s world is that product research can take hours before someone feels comfortable making a purchase, and even then there’s always the feeling that there was more to learn, more to review…

That's where AI comes in

Streamlining the human shopping experience

There are millions of product reviews online – more than any person could read in 1000 lifetimes


But for AI? It’s a walk in the park


Our AI tools parse those millions of customer reviews, comparing prices, aggregating product specs, distilling all that information down to one optimal choice based on your needs using our AI-generated cost to value score as a guide

Three Paths of Product Selection

Our research has shown that the vast majority of online shoppers look for products that fall into one of three main categories:



1) Highest Quality


“Money is not an issue. Bring me the best quality no matter the cost”

2) Lowest Price


“I want the value this product brings but I’m on a budget and need to spend as little as possible”

3) Best Value for Money

“I care about quality and have some money to spend, but within reason – it better be worth the cost”


Optimizing The Customer Experience with AI

Our AI tools are designed to empower the online shopper by focusing on the their unique needs and the many experiences of those before them – considering price, customer support, quality, fast shipping and much more


We’ve trained our algorithms to study what makes a product worth buying and produce a condensed list of the best of the best based on those criteria


We focus on quality

Our algorithms are designed to select quality products from trusted brands with a proven track record of top notch customer service.


We also currently only recommend products sold through Amazon, which offers an unparalleled 30-day return policy on all items sold. This is to help protect our users and ensure a high standard of support.


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Help Our AI Learn

Our AI algorithms rely on user shopping experiences to get better over time. If you would like to share any feedback regarding our AI or the products chosen, please feel free to contact us by hitting the button below!